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Condition Monitoring :
This unit is responsible for announcing the equipment conditions by taking regular reports from chosen equipment for inspection by  a maintenance  management  system. By  using laboratory instruments, related software and performing various tests such as vibration test, electrical  test,  thermography , gas chromatography, current analyses, gear box oil test, non destructive test and etc …,

Error occurrence in the system will be recognized earlier and reports will be focused on the problems that had been occurred at the last conditions in the  system sample analysis and test, will indicate the present condition of the device. more over, by frequent sampling and, testing and planed time schedule, repaire procedure and measuring parameters will be specified and net programming (repaire & maintenance) will be determined on the basis of these predictive maintenance in addition to determining repair and maintenance procedure of predictive maintenance, this company is able to remove the chronic and major defects in industries such as unbalance and uglignment as well as electrical and mechanical defects at the earliest time.

Condition Monitoring

This company has been settled condition monitoring system for different industrial  centers
in order to  reduce  production line stops, product improvement and  saving  national capital. Some of these industries are;

» Steel production industries, (especially Esfahan Steel plant & Mobarakeh Steel Complex)
» Automobile industries and its related industries.
» Buildings and mines material production industries.

» Marine industries.


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