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Calibration Lab.
Of this company is accredited partner of Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran having eligibility certificate with NACI/IAS/168 in the fields of electric,  temperature,  pressure  ,  mass , volume & dimension and  it  is  equipped  with  advanced   reference  measuring instruments  and traceable up to National and International Standards.
Calibration Lab.  Of Taban Niroo Sepahan Co.  within thirteen  years  of  its experience,  was able to render calibration services to more than 1800 different industries , medical , commercial and manufacturing  units  nationwide  and  is  ready  to render any  kind   of  educational ,  consultant, maintenance , repair, supply, mounting and commissioning  services  concerning  mentioned measuring equipment.
The most important approved calibration services are;

Calibration of different  kind  of  measuring equipment of voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, resistance, register, controller & monitors, timer, rotary meter and etc…

Calibration of different kinds of caliper, micrometer,  timer, block gauge,  angle gauge, go no go gauge, shaft,  ring, level, projector profile & microscope, measuring metal taped, riddles & etc…

Calibration of different kind of pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, transmitter, register, differential pressure, pressure switch & etc…

Calibration of different kind of thermometer (liquid in glass, indicators, thermocouple, resistant, heat, freezing environment, thermometers & etc…)

Calibrating the different kind of weiging and balancing equipment and weights with accuracy of class F1. 

Calibration of different kind of volume containers from 1 micro-liter to 20 liters.

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