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Investment in performing productional/industrial projects in the field of energetic industries.
Technical/economical cooperation in performing large projects of the country beside other companies affiliated to Takado co., considering capabilities of the company and proper use of Takado group facilities.
Cooperation with strong foreign companies in order to use today technical knowledge and their experiences in the fields of designing, manufacturing, repair & maintenance of energetic equipment.
Procuring special equipment for local and foreign industries
Exporting engineering knowledge to other countries based on our experience and ability
Executing EPC projects for reconstruction, developing and improving equipment and industries

Rehabilitation of boiler no1 in central power plant, ESCo

Executing EPC project in power plants and water treatment
Manufacturing super heaters and water wall panels for EPGMC

Manufacturing all part of boilers & all kind of heat exchangers
Procuring BCP and feed water pump parts for EPGMC

Procure and manufacturing special electro pumps and related spare parts for power plants
K.S.Co. 550 kw Rotor Reconstruction

Basic repairs and reconstruction of 550 kw rotor belong to Khozestan Steel Company
E.S.Co. 780 kw 2D Rotor Reconstruction

Basic repairs and reconstruction of 780 kw 2D rorot belong to Esfahan Steel Company rolling mill 650
E.S.Co. Turbine Repair

Basic repairs and reconstruction of central power plant turbine belong to Esfahan Steel Company

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