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Taban Niroo Sepahan Co. (privates joint stock), affiliated to Takado was established in 1996 in Esfahan Steel Co.  (E.S.Co.)   and has its workshops at the Oshtorjan Industrial Zone of Isfahan and focused its  activity in  engineering services  ,  repair & maintenance of energetic  industries equipment .  Taban Niroo Sepahan  Co. by having professional manpower, using  today technical knowledge and  years of experience . is  active  in the following fields:

Procuring Equipments and Parts

Selling equipments and parts related to energetic industries

Electrical Machines & Power Station Repairs  

Repair and maintenance of electric machines (high/low voltage), high and low voltage equipment transformers and switches, Transmission Lines.

Executing Projects and Maintenance in Power Plants

Executing EPC Projects, repair and maintenance of power plant systems, heating, freezing air conditioning systems, water industrial waste purification and industrial gas and water supply networks.

Condition Monitoring



installation predictive naintenance and condition Monitoring systems making use of  vibrations, electrical tests, thermograph, gas chromatography , transformer oils , analysis of current and  its harmonics , gear  box oil tests and non destructive tests.

Exporting Engineering Service

Transferring Knowledge and experience in executing and maintenance to foreign countries

Calibration Services & periodical tests

Calibration of measuring equipment in categories of temperature, pressure, mass, dimension, volume and electrical.

Information Technology

Information Technology services


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